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Access Control Systems


Access control is a type security technology, which fulfills the purpose of replacing a watch-person at the entrance of a facility. This system can control the movement of people into and out of an area by granting or denying access. The system involves a computer base which derives and acquires data from the sensing units, which could be biometric or otherwise and this data is manipulated to control door locking devices like magnetic locks.A combination of these hardware devices with DND group’s fool proof software, guarantees a security system which not only provides the employers with the ability to restrict movement, but also gives the employees peace of mind assurance that nobody will/can enter their personal space.

For years, DND group has been the section and market leader in access control security units. Our state-of-the art units, equipped with frequently updated industry standard software has made us the most demanded security systems company in Canada. From industry to private sectors and public sector, to even federal institutions, DND group has seen it all. We take pride in consumer satisfaction and are known in the industry for providing the most optimal solution and delivering within a mentioned time constraint.

Access control can be useful for anybody. Whether it is a home owner, business owner or even somebody who owns some property, anybody who is cautious enough to protect their personal or professional belongings can benefit from a security system. Access control gives an individual or an organization complete control over their facility and the property and people it contains. With DND group’s access control systems, you can track and maintain a trail of every door opening or closing in the facility with time stamp.
A great market, where the need for access security is on a rise is the high rise residential market. This sector in particular has boomed in the last 5 years, statistics have shown. It is evident to home and property owners that traditional lock and key systems are not secure enough in today’s advanced age of technology as keys can be easily and quickly be duplicated. The advantage that access control systems bring is that, with one click on your computer, you can completely lock down all the doors and disable all security codes. This can also be done the other way round, that is, to open all doors and corridors in case of an emergency.

Types of Access Control Systems

  • IP Network Access Systems
  • Real-time web based Access System
  • Server based
  • Stand alone

The DND group ensures that you get a customized and personal experience and hence every order is treated and created individually. As we said before, our aim is your satisfaction. Contact us at DND to group to get the most comprehensive and economical security solution for you.