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Alarm Systems

alarm-systemsSecurity systems in today’s day and age are highly secure as they involve complex and intricate technological components. But as security technology has developed so has the technology for breaking it. Today, there are still a lot of stories about burglaries and thefts, hence a security system alone is not enough. There is also the need for an alarm.DND group has been involved in the alarm systems industry for a very long and successful period of time. Our economical and extremely fault tolerant Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems are the benchmark. We ensure that you as a consumer, can live a secure and comfortable lifestyle and if need be, be alarmed and aware of any disturbances. Our tailor made security systems can be customized to suit your need of a comprehensive security system. You can choose the features you require. All these products and services can be availed at a very competitive and economical price! The pricing includes a monthly monitoring fee, really quick alarm response and super local service.

DND Group’s security packages also include state of the art features which help you feel at peace and secure:

  • DND Group’s expert 24-Hour monitoring
  • Personalized, FREE service
  • Reasonable monthly monitoring fee
  • Fast and reliable alarm response
  • User friendly systems

Fire Alarm System

Everyday fires caused by regular incidents are becoming increasingly common and are deadly. These fires although cannot be completely avoided, a good alarm system can go a long way in protecting and evacuating people in time. At DND group, we have gathered a team of highly experienced professional who work side by side with the local fire authorities to ensure a perfectly synchronized and functioning fire safety protocol.

  • The DND group conducts annual inspections to ensure that you fire safety regulations and system is up to date. We also monitor the response times and effects.
  • With a state of the art and accurate system, we can detect the faults and location precisely on the premises.
  • Our skilled professionals offer strong assistance in detecting the faults in the system that cause fires like gas leakages.
  • We take extra effort in assessing your already existing fire sprinkler system and ensuring that it is up to date.