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Virtualization Cloud Services


In a world where technology is getting smaller by the day and all the data being stored on cloud based servers, there has been rise in the need for virtualization. Virtualization is a technology which takes a server and divides it into smaller dynamic resources called Virtual Machines. These virtual machines can be utilized by a user to use the resources from a server on their local machines without the hassle of size, physical installation, cooling and power requirements.This concept can further be extended to data storage options such as Storage are networks. With virtualization, the user can store all the data, encrypted and otherwise, on the virtual server (On the cloud), hence creating a permanent storage for data without the expenses of buying and installing a server. This also reduces the effective cost by removing the charges for installing cooling systems, power systems and also hard wiring. The setup for a virtual environment is easy to install, easy to upgrade and does not require as much maintenance as a physical server.

Another major advantage for getting a virtual server for data storage for companies is customizability. You as an user can customize what features of the servers you want to utilize and custom tools for these features can be created.

A major questions that a consumer can ask is, what the virtualized network can do for you?

  • With encrypted cloud based virtual servers, you have the power to protect and secure your Business, by securing and constantly storing your data.
  • With custom settings as well as tools, you can Boost and Improve Performance and Productivity for your business operations.
  • With a cloud, you do not need to install and maintain servers, power systems to these servers and cooling systems hence Reducing the Costs
  • With no hardwires or data storage units running around the office, you have the assurance of data protection during an event of a disaster. With virtual systems, just re-boot and retrieve all your data!
  • With all these features, at a very nominal cost you could make your business function smoothly and efficiently.

There are many advantages to Virtualization:

  • Server consolidation
  • Reduced power and cooling
  • Green computing
  • Ease of deployment and administration
  • High availability and disaster recovery

Also here is a look at Cloud Computing Advantages:

  • Lower computer costs
  • Improved performance
  • Reduced software costs
  • Instant software updates
  • Unlimited storage capacity

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