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Video Surveillance Systems


Since the company was established, DND group has been striving to make its customers feel more secure and at peace. The Video Surveillance systems can do just that. We give you the ability to monitor and record every single activity or movement in your building or home. You think someone broke in? Just access the video feed and know for sure. It’s that simple. If you need a day camera or a night one, analog or megapixel, DND, the market leader in video surveillance in all of Canada, has all the choices.A very big spike has been seen in the high-rise residential market over the years. With property managers and house owners willing to spend that extra money for extra security for their property and the people within.

There are multiple benefits of a Security Surveillance System

  • Securing your home or place of business will provide you peace of mind
  • Employers and family feel secured and protected
  • Reduce liability
  • Increase productivity
  • Discourage any false accidental claims by employees, tenants or visitors

With all the options available out in the market, finding one which best suits your needs could be a daunting task. Picking one with some features which you may never use could be as bad as picking one with not enough features. There are a few basic factors that are important in finding the perfect combination, suited for each individual customer. DND group has them all.

  • Infra-red/nightvision cameras to record flawlessly during low light conditions.
  • Analog cameras which use a changing recording medium like a film.
  • IP camera which transmits the feeds on the internet based network.
  • Pan Tilt Zoom camera.
  • Megapixel camera which offers very high resolution.

The choice could also be affected by the types of Digital recorders which could be PC Based, Stand alone, H.264 High-Def, Local recording, off site recording, DVR or NVR.

One very important factor to consider, especially when going to High-def/Megapixel installation is RECORDING PERIOD.  Most people will overlook this crucial factor as they are unaware how to properly calculate storage space when using Megapixel technology.

Just give us a call and our highly trained professionals will help you with the financial aspects in all the departments. Our comprehensive service gives you the choice of viewing and monitoring all your feeds remotely, especially with IP type camera, which has increasingly gained a lot of popularity with the surge of the internet.

Regardless of which system you choose, trust DND Group to be a reliable partner throughout the entire process. As one of the pioneering security firms in Ontario to start using IP technology, there is no one with more experience and dedication to handle your next project.