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VOIP Solution


Voice over internet phone is the breakthrough that the telecom industry has been dreading for ages. Sometimes called the Internet Phone and also IP phone, it means exactly what it sounds like. With VOIP, a consumer can use any internet enabled device to make calls to another user with the same service. This is generally at minimal or no extra costs. A utility for the user, that would eventually eliminate telecom usage and give them the liberty to utilize the internet to make conversation, is revolutionary.It’s very obvious that the economic suitability of the service is very important to commercial businesses and organizations. DND group is the market leader in providing the VOIP services for businesses and commercial organizations with tailor made hardware-software combinations. This is a tried, tested and successful recipe and the result is always wallet friendly and pin drop clear.

A successful business is always connected and we at DND strive to make that possible. Cell phone twining technology is our frontrunner in that race. With cell phone twining, DND makes it possible for personal cell phones, home phones and other cellular devices to be connected to the work network, and hence be a part of the global business plan. Anywhere you may be or anywhere you may go, you would never be disconnected from your company.

Along with Cell phone twining, we at DND group offer a host of other services and system capabilities.

  • Caller ID – Identification of an incoming call, either catalogued by phone number or internet IP.
  • Call Forwarding – Ability to transfer and re-route a call to another phone or IP.
  • Conference Calling – Get the entire team involved, call them at the same time!
  • Music on-hold – Play some music for on-hold customers and prevent them from hanging up. This may require other hardware.
  • Call barge-in – Listen in and monitor the calls a customer makes to an employee. Correct them on the fly. A boon for a manager.
  • Teach mode
  • Cell phone twining – Connect to your business from your home phone.
  • Conversation recording – Record a call for quality assessment purposes. May require recording hardware.
  • Free North America calling – make calls all over North America for no extra data charges.
  • Auto Attendant – Automated, voice recorded attendant to manage the calls and route them appropriately.
  • Voice Mail – Give your callers the option to leave you a message.
  • Voice mail to email – Don’t have access to the recording machine, email yourself the voice messages.
  • Hot Desking – Save up on space, perform some Time division multiplexing! Allot the same space for multiple employees at different times.
  • Email on missed calls – Get email enabled alerts on missed calls and much more.

We at DND prioritize customer satisfaction the most and unlike our competition, don’t charge our customers for services used. All the above described services are included in the package you pick and you only have to pay a singular monthly fee for all of your connections. Give us a call, and get for your business, a high end, easy to use, easy to maintain and state of the art system. Installation at no extra costs.